Identity and Tradition

The right compromise between heritage and innovation

Our values

Our products contain the identity and history of the land, and recount it through their shapes and forms, intense fragrances and ancestral flavours, a heritage of handed-down traditions, which accompany, today as then, the sacredness of feast days and the rituality of moments spent in the company of family and friends.

We have always believed in the value of good food, and this is why its products are the result of a careful selection of ingredients, mostly natural and local from trusted suppliers, and of a semi-artisanal process, which combines tradition and innovation, in order to offer products of high quality and authenticity, without the use of additives or substances that alter properties or sincerity of flavour, in order to enhance a culinary culture while fully respecting health and the environment.

Our mission

The story of the products, through the care given to an image which reveals the heart of the company, projects the latter towards more and more ambitious goals.

The management of an efficient logistics system reduces the boundaries imposed by the sea: thus, through the digitization of the company and the consolidation of a valid distribution network, it is possible to have, in just a few days, the cakes of tradition from bakery oven to the tables of the whole of Europe today, and to those of the world in an ever closer future.