Our History

A folklore and identity tale

When it all started

Il Giglio Dolci Di Sardegna is the second chapter of an adventure which originated in the town of Sennori, in the heart of Romangia, in November 1996, where our family decided to realize their passion by starting a Sardinian cake manufacturing business, transferring inside the lab the art learnt from mother and grandmother, wich prepared every day "Sas Casadinas", "Sas Tiriccas" and the entire repertoire of traditional cakes.

The Company today

Over the years, production has moved from a small 30 square-metre bakery to new premises, well equipped with cutting-edge machinery.

But even today, in an increasingly more dynamic and international context, the evocation of memory and perseverance in the search for excellence, given by the values of traditional and artisan production, are the key to success for present and future projects.